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Introduction to Karmic Astrology

The effects of past life experiences can carry over into your current life, accounting for interests, habits and even phobias that defy explanation by conventional methods.

This reading examines possible past life connections using astrological methods. It is not intended to be taken as a complete interpretation of your birth chart; it looks at your chart from only one perspective.

It is written in simple language, avoiding the use of astrological terms as much as possible. For the interest of students of astrology, relevant astrological references are made at the top of each section.

Chapter 1: Most Important Prior Life Experiences

In traditional astrology, the Twelfth House represents your self-undoing, hidden matters and the subconscious process. It is believed that we carry karmic memories in our subconscious, and that these subconscious memories can undermine our current life efforts.

When we remove the walls created by subconscious fears and guilt, we find that the path to personal transformation lies beyond.

If, Marc, in your chapter you find a number of descriptions of planets placed in your twelfth house, consider exploring your hidden self through past life regression.

12th house cusp in Pisces

You fear your psychic and empathic abilities and deny their existence. You seldom dream and like to feel totally in control of your emotions. When you learn to accept this emotional side of yourself, Marc, you will find yourself more in control rather than less. You can feel very alone and separated from the rest of humanity.

Look for a significant prior lifetime where emotions and feelings were expressed through service or creativity, such as a missionary, social worker, nurse, artist, or musician. You may have been a mystic or a medium. Success and monetary gains were not important.

Chapter 2: Saturn (The Great Teacher)

The source of many of our self-imposed restrictions can be found in the placement of the planet Saturn. The location of Saturn in a horoscope represents the area of life where we have to learn the greatest lessons. It is through these lessons that we grow and improve.

Just like your least liked teacher in school, Saturn's lessons require hard work and self-discipline. And like the lessons from that teacher, Saturn's lessons are not easily forgotten. The lessons you learn help you to find order and security in your current life.

When a lesson from a prior life was not learned, you can experience inexplicable guilt or self-restriction. Exploration of the unlearned lessons of Saturn can free you to use all of your natural talents.

Saturn in 2nd House

When it comes to money and finances, Marc, you are a very serious person. Regardless of your true financial circumstances, you feel that you are one step away from poverty. If you do not have any material wealth, you find money difficult to come by. If you do have wealth, you are very thrifty, to the point of miserly, holding on to every cent "just in case".

You may hang on to a job because it provides steady income, even though it is not fulfilling at all. Guilt arising from prior life experiences where you, or those in your charge were deprived of the basic necessities, can be a great incentive for limiting yourself in this manner.

On the positive side, Marc, you can discipline yourself to adapt to any financial circumstance, thus learning the true value of money and resources in your life. On the negative side, you can continue to be fearful of losing your financial resources.

When you examine the reasons for your current behavior, you can restructure your ideas on wealth and resources. Then you can begin to rid yourself of the guilt of prior experiences.

Chapter 3: Jupiter (Your Karmic Gifts)

Personal karma is not necessarily negative. You bring to this life certain talents and interest which enable you to expand your horizons. Often overlooked for its karmic value, the placement of the planet Jupiter in your chart can tell you about your karmic gifts.

Jupiter describes spiritual rewards as well as the area of your current life where you may experience material gains.

The lesson of Jupiter is best described as the acceptance of the law of karma. The rewards you reap in this life time come from your prior life's good deeds, and your future benefits (this life or another) are the rewards of your present fair dealings and generosity.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Your traditional moral values carried over from a prior lifetime is expressed by your honesty and fair business practices, Marc.

You may have great wealth, social position and prominence, as you continue to be fair, honest and prudent in all areas of your life. A prior life as a philanthropist, judge or political official is reflected in your interest in promoting social responsibility in the corporate and public sector.

Jupiter in 9th House

You love travel, foreign countries, higher education and philosophic thought. In a prior life, Marc, you were prominent in a traditional religious organization and your progressive and tolerant attitudes helped to bring a sense of humanity to the organization. Your gift from the prior life is that of continued tolerance and broad-mindedness.

Jupiter Conjunct Sun:

You have a great deal of self-confidence left over from your karmic past. You may choose to use it positively by giving of yourself freely, Marc, or negatively by constantly reminding others of your own importance.

Jupiter Square Uranus:

Your prior life situations gave you opportunities to make radical changes for yourself and as part of a group. Your memories from prior times left you a feeling of restlessness, a desire for change. Your inclination is to force change by unconventional behavior, Marc, without regard for those around you. Learn that each person is unique and that unique expression does not have to be hurtful.

Chapter 4: Nodes of the Moon (Your Karmic Doorways)

The point on a horoscope chart called the North Node of the Moon is not actually a planet, but can be thought of as a doorway from your current life to your future. And, its opposite point (the South Node of the Moon) can be thought of as a doorway from your past life to your current one.

These two sensitive points can show you what goals you are concerned with in this life, Marc, and what habits from prior lives are holding you back from reaching those goals.

North Node of the Moon in Capricorn

Receiving nurturing and sustenance was your major concern in prior lifetimes. You relied on others to provide for your needs. You allowed yourself to remain the perpetual child. Although being childlike can be very endearing, Marc, your prior childish behavior emotionally drained those around you.

In this lifetime you are a very sympathetic person, Marc, listening to other people's problems and taking them very personally. You hold on to these problems, along with your own, making the psychic burden you carry through life very heavy.

Possible prior lifetimes include being a farmer's wife, nurse, veterinarian or domestic servant. You also may have been an invalid or physically handicapped.

In order to maintain the balance between your two karmic doorways, Marc, you need to develop responsibility to yourself and to others. Most important is the development of your sense of personal identity. When you learn to let go of the failures and slights you have experienced in the past, and go on with your life, you will finally be able to rid yourself of your excess baggage and leap forward with great achievements.

Chapter 5: Planets in Retrograde (Reversed Energies)

If there is no interpretation in this section, it means that there were no retrograde planets at the time of your birth.

Planets in a horoscope chart which are marked as being in retrograde motion, hide or reverse the true energy of that planet.

From a perspective of past life experiences, this usually means that some experience in a prior lifetime was so negative that the individual refuses to use that planetary energy in any manner.

Saturn Retrograde

You have a great deal of inner reserve. You are very serious about completing everything you start, sometimes even when better judgement would recommend abandoning a project. You have always appeared mature beyond your years.

In a prior life, Marc, you avoided or were unable to fulfill your responsibilities, thus leaving many things undone or partially complete.

Your lesson in this lifetime is complete your projects and live up to your responsibilities. You have a great deal of wisdom from prior life experiences which will help you to teach others the value of completion.

Pluto Retrograde

Great personal transformation is possible for you. You have experienced many upheavals in your life, but to the casual observer, the effects are not obvious. These upheavals have given you hidden strength and power, Marc, the extent of which you yourself may not be completely aware.

You have the capacity for considerable spiritual growth, Marc, and you are inclined to eliminate from your life anything which inhibits this growth.

Your lesson in this lifetime is to learn to detach yourself from others without complete destruction of your relationships.



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