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The Life Path Reading


Most people are familiar with their Sun sign based on the month and day of birth. The Sun sign answers the question, "What's your sign?" It is the reference point that is employed when we read newspaper and magazine horoscopes. But what about the nine other heavenly bodies that make their influence felt in our lives? These planets were also in a particular sign of the zodiac when you were born. Here is where Astrology really begins to come alive for each individual. This reading will take you on a revealing journey as you travel through each interpretation based on your unique month, day, and year of birth. If your birth time was included, then the Rising sign will add yet another dimension to your personal horoscope interpretation. If it is not included because you don't have an accurate time of birth, there is still much useful and insightful personal information that can be gleaned from your reading.
This reading takes into account the various spiritual and psychological implications, as well as the material plane potentials which are part of your individual life plan. In this case the word potential is used because you have been given a certain amount of free will and the life choices that you make will determine to a large extent the level at which these cosmic energies actually play themselves out. Use this reading to find confirmation for what you already feel intuitively and to unlock the door for new life possibilities that you may not have yet considered. This is where the strength and real value of your personal Astrological reading is found.


Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun 18 Cap 04 Pluto 4 Lib 26
Moon 1 Pis 56 N. Node 16 Cap 46
Mercury 5 Cap 53 Asc. 11 Tau 46
Venus 25 Sag 51 MC 20 Cap 04
Mars 6 Sag 00 2nd cusp 11 Gem 00
Jupiter 19 Cap 34 3rd cusp 1 Can 07
Saturn 14 Gem 48 5th cusp 12 Leo 41
Uranus 22 Lib 54 6th cusp 16 Vir 49
Neptune 6 Sag 28

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction : 7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min
Square : 5 Deg 00 Min
Trine : 5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile : 4 Deg 00 Min


Chapter 1: The Ascendant

The precise time on the day of your birth determines your particular Ascendant, also known as your Rising Sign. This was the zodiac sign that was rising over the horizon when you were born. In addition to your Sun and Moon Sign, the Rising Sign reveals very important traits that make up a major part of your personality and your individual approach to life. This is usually the impression you like to make before you really get to know someone; it is your outer personality and image.

Taurus Rising:

There is a distinct part of your outer personality that expresses itself very much like a Taurus. You are reliable, make a steadfast friend and you have an instinctive appreciation for the resources of the earth.
Since this was the sign of the zodiac that was rising over the horizon at your time of birth, the principle of Taurus--what you have--will be integrated into almost every area of life in some way.
Venus is your chart ruler. To discover even more about what's a priority for you, and also, the first impression you make on others, read everything in the chapter on Venus.

Chapter 2: The Sun

The placement of the Sun in your chart will show you how (the sign) and in which area of life (the house) tremendous potential exists for you. Here is where you want to be successful. The Sun cannot be ignored. We must meet and deal with the area of life that the Sun shines on in our chart in order find ultimate fulfillment. Everything revolves around the Sun. When you master whatever issues the Sun points to, then other areas of life will proceed in a more balanced and satisfactory manner. The Sun also represents: your own will, major goals, the father, men in your life, children, creativity, and the real inner you.

Sun in Capricorn:

As someone born when the Sun was in Capricorn, you lean toward a conservative approach to most matters and you possess a strong sense of duty. You are a hard worker and you will persist with a determined will toward a desired goal. You are capable of tremendous self discipline when necessary. The symbol for this sign is that of the mountain goat. This is most appropriate, as the mountain goat may climb the mountain slowly step by step, but will always eventually reach the top. This is an excellent analogy to describe the essence of the Capricorn principle.
Your cautious nature stems from an innate knowledge that impulsive actions may lead to mistakes that are more time consuming and costly in the long run. Capricorn is the sign of eventual success along with accepting responsibility. Many Capricorns find themselves in life situations whereby they must take responsibility for others in some way.
You would do well to try to lighten up from time to time as your natural tendency toward a serious outlook and heavy sense of responsibility can manifest as chronic pessimism and rigidity. Surprisingly, many Capricorns develop an amazing sense of humor--not only an appreciation of humor, but also the ability to create it. This is because they have learned that the best way to survive is to be able to laugh at the ridiculous ironies of life.

Sun in 9th house:

Your personal fulfillment is reinforced by expanding your horizons. The arenas that are most often encompassed are higher education, travel and the development of a particular life philosophy, perhaps through religious or spiritual disciplines.
You are something of a free spirit and your path is a pursuit for truth, justice and tolerance.
This is a very fortunate place for the Sun to reside, however, be aware that an inclination toward over zealousness about personal beliefs and out of balance self-indulgent tendencies can also exist.
There is a side to you that can be restless, blindly optimstic and very adventurous.
You speak your mind and you expect the same from others.

Jupiter Conjunct or in hard aspect to Sun:

Sometimes you're prone to unrealistically high expectations, and this in turn can cause frustration when real life doesn't measure up.
Your optimism and self-confidence will go through periods of being exceedingly high, making you feel invincible. You'll experience more satisfaction if you take the time to think things through and proceed with patience and even a certain amount of caution.

Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Sun:

You experience some inner conflicts whenever you try to integrate your unique individualism with the other part of you that feels it must gain the approval of others.
You have a talent for shaking up other people's comfort zones. The assignment that comes with this aspect is to express your need for freedom and originality without unduly alienating those would help further your aims.

Chapter 3: The Moon

The Moon in your chart represents the past and points to an area of life (the house) where we function out of instinctive awareness. Often we have a deep emotional need to do the things that the Moon's house placement represents. Whenever insecurities arise and our feelings become involved, we tend to bring the traits (the sign) of our Moon into play. The Moon is like our security blanket. It also represents: the home, females in your life, the mother, nurturing others or being nurtured ourselves, as well as things related to the domestic scene in general.

Moon in Pisces:

Sensitive, intuitive, and responsive, you need to withdraw from time to time in order to recharge your emotional batteries. You can be very impressionable because of a natural tendency to absorb psychic vibrations from your environment whether they are positive or negative. You may have a tendency to feel sorry for yourself, mainly because you often allow the needs of others to take precedence over your own needs which can lead to feelings of victimization or even persecution.
This placement of the Moon doesn't care for a steady dose of harsh reality and will often find ways to tune it out. This may take the form of daydreaming or in more extreme cases, addiction to substances.
You have an idealistic view of life and when it doesn't live up to your ideas of perfection, you can feel a kind of chronic discontent that is difficult to pin down to a particular situation.
At its best, having the Moon in Pisces can bring highly intuitive visions that may be downright psychic. At its worst, it can bring self delusion and misunderstandings.
You possess an excellent imagination and you could have a creative, musical or artistic bent.
When you're feeling emotionally upset, you may find that getting yourself into a meditative frame of mind will have a calming and healing effect on you.

Moon in 11th house:

You need groups of people and the support that friends and acquaintances offer. At the same time, you have a need to maintain an emotional distance so that your independence is kept intact, as there is a natural inclination toward yielding to the desires of the "group mind." Group associations often lack permanence depending upon how strong your individual desire for freedom is.
Women in general may have some important bearing on the realization of your hopes and wishes. Whether this influence manifests for good or ill remains to be seen.
Personal life aspirations and lofty ideals are subject to waxing and waning enthusiasm on your part. Try giving yourself little pep talks when you're getting off track.

Mercury in soft aspect to Moon:

You're sensitive, responsive, and versatile. People find it easy to share their thoughts with you because you're a good listener.
Any negative emotional states you find yourself immersed in can be countered through the use of thinking and logic. You can mentally talk yourself out of a bad mood. You are someone who can be appealed to through a logical mental approach.

Mars Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:

When you feel emotionally shaky, you tend to imagine the worst and this manifests outwardly as being oversensitive. Usually, you don't lose your temper without a good reason. Other people can be surprised by the intensity of some of your emotional outbursts. However they usually pass as quickly as they began. Deep down you hate having to surrender to anyone or anything.

Neptune Conjunct or in hard aspect to Moon:

Depending on the particular mood of the day, you can be super-sensitive to every little thing, and you'll often want to retreat into your own secluded spot. Sometimes allowing yourself to "space-out" seems like the only way to preserve your emotional balance. Meditative states of mind where you allow your thoughts to flow without judgement can bring highly revealing insights into the nature of reality. A natural psychic ability is common.

Chapter 4: Mercury

Mercury is the planet of communication. It tells us about how we think and talk. You can gain insight into your mode of gathering, processing and transmitting information from Mercury's placement in your chart. Mercury also represents: transportation, the five senses, youth, reading, and writing.

Mercury in Capricorn:

Level-headed and careful, with this placement you also possess good solid common sense. You have the ability to focus single-mindedly on goals. You are a realist and ideas must have some kind of practical use in order to motivate you into action. You possess an excellent ability to handle and remember facts and figures. Your thinking is methodical and disciplined and these are usually the traits that describe the learning process for you.
You often take life and yourself too seriously. As a result this tendency can make you feel somewhat melancholy at times.

Mercury in 9th house:

Your mental capacities are expansive and flexible. This placement of Mercury supports an ability to understand abstract concepts. Learning a foreign language could be easy for you.
You enjoy philosophical conversations and you like to share your knowledge with others. You see the big picture and you may even have "prophetic visions" that accurately portray future trends.
Use the power of words to spread encouragement and hope.

Pluto Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mercury:

Try not to resist life experiences that force you to completely change your thinking. At some point in life you are destined to drastically transform your mental approach and the way you use the power of words, especially the spoken word. You have the power to either destroy or ultimately heal yourself and/or others, depending on your choice of words and your thought forms.

Chapter 5: Venus

Venus is the planet of relating to others, and thus is associated with love, attraction and socializing. In a male's chart, Venus can provide clues about traits he finds attractive in females. In a female's chart, it reveals something about how she relates to males. Venus is also the planet of material goodies and sensual delights in all of their various forms. Venus also represents: money, harmonious conditions, pleasurable activities, beauty, and the arts.

Venus in Sagittarius:

Naturally friendly and easy to converse with, you exude a free and breezy aura that others find attractive.
You can be generous with your friends and a loyal companion. In love you're demonstrative, open and basically trusting. You could be attracted to someone from a foreign culture. Sagittarius is a sign that loves its freedom, and even though you are quite capable of commitment, there must be considerable breathing room in any relationship. Some Sagittarians find living together arrangements most appealing and others simply choose to remain single.
You may have to watch a tendency to be a spendthrift. The natural optimism of Sagittarius expects that there will always be more money where that came from!

Venus in 8th house:

At some point in life you may benefit financially through marriage, an inheritance, or both. Handling other people's resources can be lucrative.
For you, love can be a catalyst for healing and release from old "karma." One or more deeply intimate relationships will be experienced and this will profoundly affect your love nature. You tend to bond with others based on the "chemistry" that is generated.

Uranus in soft aspect to Venus:

You'll probably experience more than your share of sudden attractions. You will also find that highly unusual and independent people are drawn to you. Some of these relationships may end as suddenly as they began, but these endings generally turn out to be for the best, even if it's difficult to understand at the time.
Caution is advised before committing any of your personal resources to organizations that display a dire need for your money. This isn't to say that you should never give to charitable causes; just do a little research first.

Chapter 6: Mars

Mars is our planet of action, energy output, motivation, and instinctive biological drives. It shows how and in which area of life you are willing to put forth a lot of effort. Mars' energy is quick, impulsive, and survival oriented. In a male's chart, Mars reveals something about how he relates to females. In a female's chart, Mars can provide clues about the traits she finds attractive in males. Mars also represents: competitive situations, conflicts, accidents, and sexual energies.

Mars in Sagittarius:

The planet of drive and aggression filtered through the sign of going beyond normal boundaries creates a love of adventure and even wanderlust. You possess a high energy level and the ability to generate a great deal of enthusiasm for anything you decide to undertake. In the extreme, this can manifest as fanaticism and a strong tendency toward self-indulgence. This placement supports the preacher / professor / mountain man / athlete.

Mars in 7th house:

You are willing to put a lot of time and energy into your marriage, best buddies, and other one-on-one relationships.
With Mars in the house of partnerships you can attract a mate who is energetic, passionate or perhaps a bit self centered. He or she is a survivor.
You may also have to deal with aggressive qualities in other people. Doing battle only begets battle and you can forget the doormat approach. Instead, practice integrating firmness and self honoring techniques into your strategy. Aggression will often back down when faced with an anchor of solid self-confidence.

Neptune Conjunct or in hard aspect to Mars:

You may find it difficult to cope with competitive situations and your determination to go after what you really want can be inconsistent. You must cultivate a stronger sense of being deserving and never listen to voices of discouragement, whether they emanate from within you or from without.
Stronger personalities might be tempted to try to cross your boundaries. Associate with those who are more evolved spiritually.

Pluto in soft aspect to Mars:

You are courageous and if challenged, you make a ruthless opponent. You cannot be bullied or bribed either.
You have a commanding presence and it's nearly impossible for anyone to try to pull the wool over your eyes, especially in competitive situations.
Your instincts are on the mark and it's hard to distract you from a course of action once you've made up your mind.

Chapter 7: Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and taking things beyond normal limits. It shows us where the universe allows us to indulge ourselves, and often we find that wherever it is in the chart is where things work out in our favor eventually. Some call this luck. Jupiter also represents: faith, ideas about God, abstract thinking, high ideals, and abundance.

Jupiter in Capricorn:

This is an excellent placement for business ventures. You are ambitious, and you have what it takes to effectively manage a business of your own. Authority figures and those in positions of power may help you attain your goals. Dedication and perseverance reinforce your ability to achieve success eventually. There is a chance with this placement that success can be reached at an earlier stage than for most people. If this is the case, then it is important for you to give something back to society, and to then begin the process of developing a spiritual focus in life.
Be completely forthright and aboveboard in all of your endeavors, as this is also a lifetime where you will reap the benefits of whatever you sow.

Jupiter in 9th house:

Your nature is philosophical and intellectual. You probably see God as a beneficial and merciful being.
Foreign people, places and things can be fortunate for you. The great outdoors calls to you from time to time and you may even end up living in the country if your desire to get away is strong.
Truth, fairness and high ideals go a long way with you.
You might get reckless every so often because Jupiter here can be very lucky and it's easy to feel invincible sometimes.
This is an excellent placement for teachers and preachers.

Uranus Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:

This aspect often describes the law-abiding citizen who wants to do what is right and who can even be a bit dictatorial from time to time. At the same time you often experience an inner urge to break free from orthodox viewpoints and to question the laws of the land. This is your dilemma. You can go overboard in either direction. Can you move ahead and admit you don't have all the answers? Can you break with old traditions and still not break the law? If you can find this exciting, you're ahead of the game.

Chapter 8: Saturn

Saturn is our planet of restriction and discipline. It shows us where we may feel inadequate in some way, and thus we take this area of life very seriously because we want to perfect ourselves. Saturn also represents: life lessons to be learned, trials and tests, a strong sense of duty, and bringing ideas into material form.

Saturn in Gemini:

Logical thinking is your strong point. You know how to apply the art of logical analysis in order to solve problems. This placement supports any endeavors where a systematic scientific approach is required.
Sometimes verbalizing what you know may be a challenge. On the other hand, it is easy for you to key in on the inconsistencies in other people's points of view, and you can develop the ability to be quite formidable in a debate. Reminder: giving yourself permission to freely express yourself and making a conscious effort to avoid a pessimistic outlook will reinforce your ability to attain your goals. Don't forget to breathe plenty of fresh air. Your lungs will thank you.

Saturn in 2nd house:

Feelings of inadequacy about what you have materially can be the spur that encourages you to work hard for what you want. Check out your innermost thoughts about what you truly feel you deserve. Try replacing "I can't" with "I can!" Saturn is a planet that promises eventual success if you hang in there.
Financial fruits are reaped by nurturing the qualities of caution, thrift and perseverance. This a lifetime to pay attention to handling your own finances and making some of your own money. Get rich quick schemes can turn out to be bummers.

Saturn is Retrograde

No one can give you a hard time like you can give yourself. You rarely feel satisfied with your own efforts. Constantly nagging inner voices of self criticism and unrealistic ideas of perfection can censor spontaneous creativity and squelch action before you even get started. You'll have to practice self trust. "Let go and let God" is a good mantra for you to mentally recite until your subconscious gets the message. Here's another: I will do my best and forget the rest. I will do my best and forget the rest. I will do my best and....

Chapter 9: Uranus

Uranus is a planet of unexpected change and unpredictable events. It tells us something about where we have unusual ideas and how we want to express our own unique individuality. Uranus also represents: rebelliousness, sudden awakenings, invention, progress, genius, anything "New Age," and humanitarian efforts.

Uranus in Libra:

Uranus was in the sign of Libra for approximately seven years. This means that you are part of a large group of people who will share many of the same fundamental characteristics such as the ability to be cooperative, diplomatic and fair. This placement of Uranus brings an unusual or progressive approach to marriage and partnerships in general.
When you read your individual house placement for Uranus, you will be able to see where these traits will express themselves on a more personal basis.

Uranus in 6th house:

You can be ingenious when it comes to the work you do. This applies mostly to jobs that you take in order to survive. Perhaps you'd like to be your own boss. That's understandable, as Uranus in this house can create many changes surrounding employment.
You either work with unusual people or you may feel as though you are the one who is always out of step with the status quo.
You can develop a talent for doing detailed work if it's something you really have an interest in and it's not too boring.

Chapter 10: Neptune

Neptune is a planet that dissolves hard and fast boundaries. It is where we don't always see things as they really are, mostly because we would rather view the world through rose-colored glasses.
With Neptune, anything becomes a possibility, especially that which we can imagine. Neptune also represents: tuning into other planes of reality, the spiritual dimensions, cosmic consciousness, movies, music, and inspired creativity.

Neptune in Sagittarius:

Because Neptune stays in the same sign about fourteen years, there are many other people who will experience the same things that this placement brings to varying degrees. Some of these include: the ability to integrate unorthodox spiritual concepts with more traditional viewpoints, an intense attachment to personal freedom and philanthropic leanings based on compassion and idealism.
Your house position will show where Neptune affects your life on an individual basis.

Neptune in 7th house:

You'll be happier and lessen the chance of letdowns in the partnership area if you learn to see people the way they really are rather than the way you'd like them to be. When you project intentions that are clear and you're willing to reveal your own true self then you are more likely to pull in people whom you can rely on. Any self doubts will be reflected back to you through others who are unreliable.
You search for the ideal partner and you can eventually attract someone who is like a spiritual mate. You're capable of making great sacrifices for the sake of partnerships.

Pluto in soft aspect to Neptune:

Bigotry and narrow thinking are huge turn offs for you. You lean toward a humanitarian outlook and you see the big picture, whether it applies to you or society as a whole. Mysticism, magic and the occult attract your interest and you can choose to use any knowledge gained to produce positive results.
Spirituality can undergo a complete regeneration process, and what went before will be transformed into something that doesn't even resemble the former. Usually there is a period of total chaos and confusion before order is restored.
Anything that is based on deception and pretense will be brought to light and purged accordingly. The effects of this aspect are often generational and the outcome will affect large segments of the society you live in.

Chapter 11: Pluto

Pluto is a planet that brings with it transformation. Something about the area of life that it points to will undergo a complete change. Significant lifestyle changes can happen whenever Pluto is involved. Deep, complex issues will be brought to light eventually. It is where conditions can swing from one extreme to the other. It's all or nothing.
Pluto also represents: psychological probing, keeping secrets or bringing them to light, power and control issues, obsessions, healing and purification.

Pluto in Libra:

Pluto is the slowest moving planet, and thus is recognized as exerting a generational influence as it moves through each zodiac sign.
With Pluto in Libra you're part of the generation that can experience radical changes in the marriage code, the justice system, arts and culture, as well as relations with others both here and abroad.
On a personal level, those with Pluto in Libra tend to be adaptable, intellectual, extravagant and concerned with fairness.
Read the house placement for Pluto in your chart. It shows you an area of life where this planet has a more personal influence.

Pluto in 6th house:

You can be quite the workaholic. It is very helpful to learn to give yourself a break before your physical body forces you to stop due to exhaustion.
Jobs, especially of the sort that you must take to survive, can come and go owing to circumstances that seem beyond your control.
When you worry, you don't do it halfway. One of the things that you might worry about is your health. Hypochondria is not fun. Finding the balance is the key to physical and mental well-being. Actually, your body has a vital ability to completely heal itself. You can be a healer yourself if so inclined. Meditation might be a challenge, but you'd benefit greatly from learning to quiet the mind now and then.

Pluto is Retrograde

Some people go through massive changes that are clearly shown in outer circumstances. You go through tremendous inner upheavals followed by rejuvenation on the inside. You are one strong individual. You have depth of character and a lot of class. You've earned it. You're like tempered glass. You might crack, but you won't shatter.

Chapter 12: Elements, the North Node, and the Midheaven

In this section of the reading we interpret the following astrological influences: the Moon's North Node, the MC (the 10th house cusp or Midheaven) and also a preponderance of an astrological element. A "preponderance" occurs when 4 or more planets or the Ascendant is in that element: fire, earth, air, or water. Many people do not have a heavy emphasis of a particular element so not everyone will have an interpretation of an element emphasis.
If the individual chart has aspects to the MC, these will reveal certain career options and potentials for your consideration.
The North Node is an important pointer along the pathway of life. You'll have to be willing to stretch yourself and move away from familiar patterns in order to meet the challenge of the North Node. Great rewards will be reaped in the form of personal growth and reaching your potential goals. The North Node sign will suggest an approach to the area of life represented by its house position.

North Node in Capricorn:

Incorporating the following traits into your life will make it easier in the long run to attain goals.
The best way to describe this principle is to imagine a bird having to leave its nest for the first time. It is extremely challenging, but it's the only way to really learn to fly.
Commitment, perseverance and the steady rise toward some kind of solid achievement are encouraged. Learn to keep going when the going gets tough. Lay solid foundations for your goals.
You can focus your energies without waste and efficiency can become your key to success. Keep your eye on the target.
Certain life events will show you the value of taking responsibility for other people, especially without being asked. Successful outcomes are reinforced by an unwavering sense of duty toward your obligations.

North Node in 9th house:

The universe is encouraging you to play up the aforementioned traits in these areas of life.
Consider the following: get yourself on a boat or airplane, or pack a recreational vehicle and hit the high road! In other words: travel. Experience other cultures. Taste lots of exotic foods. Buy yourself some ethnic clothing and wear it. Get the picture?
Go to college. Higher education will put you in touch with your higher mind. If that's not for you, then find a way to educate yourself. Think philosophical thoughts. Ponder the wonders of the universe. Ask yourself how it all began. Give your mind free rein. "I wonder if..." is a good starting point.
This is a lifetime that is greatly enhanced by movement and personal growth. Check out your belief systems. Become more attuned to your individual connection with the Creator of all there is.
Share your wisdom with those who can appreciate it.

MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Sun:

You'll have to develop the ability to put yourself in the limelight in order to go after what you really want career-wise. Ego conflicts with those in authority can create setbacks until you learn the art of finding a middle course.
A career that provides an outlet for creative self-expression, leadership abilities and personal recognition is important to consider. Hint: read the section on your Sun Sign and ask yourself how those traits might best be expressed when choosing a career.

MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Jupiter:

Lofty ambitions and the desire for recognition spur you onward in the career department.
Career choices may include teaching-especially at higher levels, law, spiritual counseling, publishing, or working in the travel industry, as a librarian, or in sports related fields.

MC Conjunct or in hard aspect to Uranus:

You can be an extremely efficient worker. You have an aptitude for finding shortcuts and this inborn talent comes in very handily in the career department.
Your innermost self rebels at having to put up with a steady dose of being told what and how to do something. This is because you have an inventive mind that can zero in on a more effective way to get the job done. Alas, there are too many who would rather stick with the tried and true. These experiences can encourage you to find a way to be your own boss. You may be drawn to unusual career choices or those which allow you to express your unique ideas in some capacity.
Here are some career possibilities to consider: broadcaster, astrologer, high tech communications worker, computer whiz, airline pilot or airline worker, inventor, electrician, social activist, consultant, humanitarian, and anything that falls into the New Age category.

Four or more Earth Signs

Stable and grounded, you will learn all about how to bring what you dream about into practical reality. Manifestation is the key here. Develop a habit of finishing whatever you start. Enjoy and appreciate the bounty that the earth offers.
You like feeling useful and you can develop a real talent for solid accomplishment in life. People admire your willingness to take responsibility for getting things done.

Chapter 13: House Rulerships

This chapter deals with an Astrological technique known as House Rulers. The "houses" of the horoscope deal primarily with your earth plane experiences. As such, the tone of these interpretations may appear to be more "predictive" in nature. Not all statements will apply absolutely to your experience. Here we are exploring some of the various options that may exist in your chart based on the links between these twelve major areas of life, the Houses of the Horoscope.

Ruler of 1st house in 8th:

You may have a lot of curiosity about the so-called mysteries of life such as occult practices and other metaphysical studies. You can develop your psychic abilities or perhaps you are more drawn to the healing potential found in the eighth house.
You'll likely have an important experience that transforms your life approach in a major way. Whatever it is, you'll emerge more evolved at a very deep level of your being.
Other people's resources, such as a spouse's money, or an inheritance, could play a significant role in your life somehow.

Ruler of 2nd house in 9th:

You may place high value on higher education, the life enrichment that travel brings, or perhaps even religious and spiritual concerns. Furthermore, you probably don't mind spending your money on these kinds of pursuits because you feel it's cash well spent.
There is a strong potential link between your earned income, and making some sort of overseas connections. Running a successful import/export business is one example.
Consider augmenting your inherited talents with some kind of higher education or specialized training.

Ruler of 3rd house in 11th:

This indicates that you may think quite a bit about changing the world through humanitarian or other group efforts.
You have many ideas about how to manifest your fondest hopes and wishes. Your thinking may be a bit radical, ahead of the times or unusual in some way.
You may have a lot of communication with friends, acquaintances and groups of people.

Ruler of 4th house in 11th:

Your home base may be subject to a lot of changing circumstances beyond your control or it might just be that your home is unusual in some way.
Your upbringing may have contributed to a desire for radical social change or perhaps your security needs are fulfilled through belonging to clubs and organizations or otherwise interacting with people in a common cause.

Ruler of 5th house in 9th:

You have a great respect for higher education and you enjoy foreign cultures and long distance travel.
You may carry on a love affair with someone who lives far away or who is from a foreign culture.
You also enjoy participating in sports, athletic pursuits or something related to getting away from it all, such as hunting, camping, or hiking in the mountains.

Ruler of 6th house in 9th:

The work you do may be related to teaching at a higher level or it could be involved with the publishing or advertising fields. It may require a good deal of travel or it may be that you simply work outside versus sitting in a traditional office job. Or, your work may actually be related to your religious/spiritual ideals.
If you own pets, you may prefer large ones to small ones.

Ruler of 7th house in 6th:

A close friend or your spouse could become a co-worker or even an employee in some regard. You may meet your marriage partner in your work environment.
Your need for supportive relationships may be fulfilled at work or connected in some way to the work you do.

Ruler of 8th house in 9th:

Some of your dreams may actually be soul travels that occur on the astral plane.
You feel intensely about your philosophy on life and what you believe in, and yet, these ideas can go through major evolvements and shifts as time goes on. You can combine traditional religious concepts with metaphysical ideas.
You can create major change in your life with higher education and by making overseas connections either through people from other cultures or just traveling for the fun of it.

Ruler of 9th house in 2nd:

Higher education can have an important influence on your money supply and/or your feelings of self worth. Travel, law, publishing, and sports related fields may affect your income.
You have faith in your ability to earn a living, and what you believe you deserve directly influences what you have.

Ruler of 10th house in 2nd:

Your career greatly contributes to your feelings of self worth and you want to be responsible for your own income.
Your chosen profession (not the work you do to survive) will be financially lucrative. If you're making less than you'd like, become a specialist at something that appeals to you.
Being your own boss gives you a stronger sense of personal liberty.

Ruler of 11th house in 6th:

Your friends could be mostly your co-workers. Your friends may even be your employees.
You can create wide-scale social change through the work you do. You bring unusual approaches and ideas to the workplace.

Ruler of 12th house in 7th:

You could have a past life connection to your spouse, best friends, or close partners in general. You can feel a certain predestined obligation towards these relationships. You may experience confusion and doubt about a spouse or a very close partner. If this is the case, you may have to forgive this person in order to elevate yourself.
Giving too much of your power away to other people can eventually work against you. Be your own best friend first.



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