My Metallica Collection

Enter.... the room ...

I designed, painted, and carpeted this room by myself. The walls and ceiling were painted in a color called 'Tibet', a very dark greenish-blue.

The carpet was black pvc with silver veins. To top it off, every single board, trim, hook, nail, and closet was painted in black.

What can I say?? This was THE ultimate party room with many parties to prove it ;)

Unfortunately the room was repainted to white (yuck) when we sold that house.

The Ceiling
Donington �95 was brilliant
view to the left
    Well, let�s start top row, left:
  • fully signed �Creeping Death� LP
  • next to the right is a tour-programm spread out on the wall. It�s fully signed.
  • and below that is a..ah..uhm..a.. bon jovi?? fully signed cd..
    eer.. what�s that doing there??
  • next left to the Bon Jovi frame is 7" single (small white cover with reflection of flash on it). It�s a cool promo with Metallica �Enter Sandman� on one side
    and Dire Straits �Calling Elvis� on the other!
  • above that is a 7" �Master of Puppets� single (french pressing)
  • next to Bon Jovi on the right is a 7" �The Unforgiven� single (french pressing,see-through,w/temporary snake tattoo included)
  • below that is a 7" �Nothing else matters� in a special poster-bag
  • and below that is a �Wherever I may roam� 45" with a gatefold of the band and their tech�s.
  • next right to it is a �Fade to black� glow-in-the-dark 45"
    Not really Metallica, but still worth mentioning ;) :
  • on the right side of the shelf (next to the Metallican) is a fully signed �Flash Gordon� Queen LP (incl. Freddie Mercury).
  • behind that is a frame with a master-record of �RadioGaga�.
and now let�s look straight on
    Yhea.. I know this room is pretty dark.. that�s the way I wanted it to be... The right place for any kind of hangover ;))
  • on the shelves are CD/LP frames lined up. They�re not real RIAA frames though; only merchandise-items.
  • on the very left side on the shelf is a Metallica CD - clock.
  • below that is a b/w picture-LP of the band.
  • below that is a �Master of Puppets� picture-LP
  • next right to that is the �Metal Massacre II� LP (feat. Cliff Burton in Trauma)
    top row of records below shelf third from right:
  • russian �Ride the lightning� LP (names on the back in russian)
    second row of records, very right:
  • very interesting picture-LP of James, sitting backstage showing his d*ck!
    on the shelf, very right side is a bunch of stuff crowded together:
  • Metallica coffin-cd (4 single-cd�s; laying next to each other they read out Metallica)
  • very cool 5-CD-set in silver. (see picture below)
  • Metallica coffing �incl. single-CD�s,T-Shirt,Metallica playing cards,skull
    Well..that�s it for here...
Now here are some close-ups of some the items:
Fade to black glow in the dark
Kill�em all , fully signed (incl. Cliff) 5-CD-set. w/ pictures never released test pressing of a Metallica-tourbook. Metallica CD clock
Metallica coffin pictures of Metallica in concert Skull (CD in back) ; Live USA leather book (2CDs) picture-LP w/ drawing by James

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