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Reading The Rebel at Baudelaire's grave in Paris

Marc Helfer Baudelaire Grave Statue Paris The Rebel

Charles Baudelaire portrait face looks Statute Cemetery Paris Grave

Baudelaire Cemetery Paris The Rebel


The Rebel

by Charles Baudelaire


An angry Angel plunges out of the sky,

grips the sinner's hair and shakes him hard,

shouting: "Hear and obey, it is the law!

I am your Guardian Angel. Do my will!


Learn that you must love, with all your heart,

the poor in body and spirit, the low, the lost,

so that your charity may spread for Christ

a proper carpet when He walks the earth.


Such is true love! Before your heart goes numb,

let the glory of God awaken it to joy,

for that alone among your pleasure lasts!"


And the Angel, punishing to prove his love,

torments his victim with his giant fists;

but still the damned soul answers: "I will not!"

Charles Baudelaire Paris Grave Cemetery Statue The Rebel

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