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Hair: Yes, Dark-Blond

Eyes: Blue

Height: 181 cm / 5.93 Feet

Weight: 108 kg / 240 lbs

Shoes: 10.5

Dress Shirts: 17 34/35

Regular Shirts: XL

Jeans/Pants: 38

Blood Type: A+

Resting Heart Rate: 60 bpm

Maximum Heart Rate: 190 bpm (Running) / 200 (Swimming)

Singing Voice: Bass-Baritone

Countries visited : 18 (see list under Hobbies)

U.S. States visited: 44


Current Favorite Video: Soul Sloshing (Venus Hum)

Role Models: Alexander The Great, Jim Morrison, Charles Bukowski, Kemmons Wilson

According to The Spark's Personalty Test, I am D.I.A.F:

The Best Personality Test:


ARTIST - ( Dominant Introverted Abstract Feeler )

You are an ARTIST (DIAF)--creative, adventurous, and deep. Although you are an introvert, your dominant ideas lead you to assert yourself often--especially through your work. You actively put your creativity to constructive use, and because you are ruled by your heart you are less likely to be inhibited by logic.

You have an intuitive understanding of emotion and know how evoke it in others, but the real world can be a prison of foolishness and embarrassment if you don’t get your head out of the clouds a little more. Also, you are 87% likely to write poetry. Please, for the love of God, stop now.

Curios to find out what you are??
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If I were a Dead Russian Composer, I would be Sergei Rakhmaninov.

I lived in the early Twentieth Century and was well known for my compositional, conducting, and piano skills, yet I am melancholy despite this talent. My famous works include my nearly-impossible piano concerti.

Who would you be? Dead Russian Composer Personality Test

Here's a bunch of astrological stuff. It's for mere entertainment though. The thought that millions of people born in the same sign should have a similar day ahead of them just seem outragous to me. Nuff said. :)

Astrological Character Analysis for my birth day and birth time

January 2006 Daily Forecast

Inner Healing Astrology

Karma Reading Astrology

Past Life Astrology

Life Path Reading Astrology


..Color: Dark Blue

.. Ice Cream: Orange Chocolate Giant Chip, Mint Chocolate Chip

.. Soft Drink: Dr. Pepper


...Symphonie: Gorecki Symphonie #3 .. also Gorecki's Miserere

.. Sub: Giant Veggie on Wheat, no vinegar or oil @ Jersey Mike's

.. Comedian: George Carlin

..Director: Dario Argento

..Vacation Spot: Jackson Hole, WY

..Culture: Native American

..Religion: Buddhism

..Philosophers: Socrates, Epicure, Nietzsche

..Poem: The Rebel by Baudelaire (incl. pictures of Baudelaire's grave)

..National Parks: Yellowstone N.P., Arches N.P.

..Paintings: Nighthawks (Edward Hopper) * That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do (Ivan Albright)

..Authors: Charles Bukowski, Dan Brown, Robert Anton Wilson, Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud

..Drummer: Charlie Benante, Peter Mayer, Dave Lombardo, Nick Menza, Lars Ulrich (pre-Napster)

..Wine: Pinot Noir (see My Pinot Noir Journal)

..Beer: Rothaus Tannenzaepfle & Warsteiner

...Champagne : Moet & Chandon

..Whiskey: Jack Daniels' Gentleman Jack

..RPG: Shadowrun

..MTB Manufacturer: Klein

..Car: Porsche 928

..City: Memphis

..State: Mississippi

..Backroad: County Road 1210 in Prentiss County, MS

..Movies: Wild America, Smoke Signals, Powwow Highway

..Lake: Bodensee, Germany (aka Lake of Constance)

..MTB Ride: Slickrock, Moab,UT / Alum Creek, Columbus,OH / Morris Bridge Tampa,FL

..Actor: Michael J Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Val Kilmer, Gary Farmer, Johnny Depp

..Bands: Die Aerzte, The Doors, Die Toten Hosen, The Preston Shannon Band, Blue Man Group

..Bible verses: Luke 14:26 * 1 Corinthian 7

..Singers: Andrea Bocelli, Elvis Prelsey, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, Garth Brooks, Bruce Dickinson, Hans Soellner, Leonard Cohen, Samuel Ramey,

..Bookstores: City Lights (San Francisco,CA) The Book Loft (Columbus, OH) * The Village Bookshop (Columbus,OH) * Back of Beyond Books (Moab,UT)

..Fish: Lionfish

..Restaurants: Meli Melo (NYC)






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