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The Movies

What in the world could be better than 'The Man' himself in moving images and sound? Following you will find a list of short movies featuring The Marc Man himself. Quality may not always be excellent, but your feedback is more than welcome.


The Walk

This is my first movie created on my IMac 400 using Final Cut Pro 1.2.5.

I was just playing with my new toy, but I kinda like the result.


Low Quality (287kb , slow connections)

High Quality (1.81 MB, ISDN or faster)



Moab Man



Just a short video clip featuring me and the

Slickrock MTB Trail in Moab, Utah.

High Quality (3.3 MB)  

The video was shot by my brother Michael





The Swim

What can I say? Instant Swimmer - just add water ;-)

My brother was kind enough to act as cameraman during one of my training sessions...


High Quality

(3.04 MB)



Why Snow?

Everytime my dog Fred runs through deep snow, I'm so thrilled by the way his curly hair combines with the snow drifts to make a poetic picture.


High Quality (1.75 MB)


Friends and family are also invited to visit the private video section.

The private section is for not open to the public due to licensing restrictions. To gain acces, please email grohaz.



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